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Direct Sourcing.
By You. To You.

Leverage the value of external supply chain expertise.

Let Direct Sourcing Save Multiples over Channeled Product.

Overhead, commissions, and channel fees are layered onto your costs each time you purchase your products through a distributor. Maximize your savings and understand each aspect of your costs through the celer direct sourcing platform.

Cost savings are maximized by vertically integrating a procure-to-pay platform through celer.  No membership fees. Zero commitments. 

Product Expertise

A team of products experts fully understand the performance expectations, quality, and conformance of your med supply products, and can create technical documents for custom products.

Domestic Storage and Logistics

We will ensure you have the warehousing services to provide "just in time" delivery of your products.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide FDA review, GTIN, UDI, packaging and labeling compliance.

Import and Customs Services 

We monitor the costs, tariffs, and import regulations to domesticate your products.

à la carte Services

Cost transparency allows you to select which services to use.

The Future of Purchasing Power is celer

CELER Logo-01.png

Direct source purchasing through 

celer  gives you Control, Transparency, and Resiliency.

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